Oil Expelling Plant

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From oil seed to oil – our range of cold press oil expelling systems are suited for a wide range of products- including oilseeds and legumes for oil extraction. Extraction rates of up to 75% of fat content.

See technical data sheet here: Oil Pressing 120-900kg 2021


ABC Hansen Africa  has developed as part of our oilseed equipment range, an oilseed pressing line, with a simple yet effective design, for low and medium capacity oil pressing plants.

The process used, is known as a cold pressing system – as the seeds aren’t heated or treated with any chemicals prior to being expelled. This allows the oil to keep all of it’s nutritional value, flavours and aroma’s – which is beneficial to all who use the oil.

The oil plant line includes as standard a cleaner to clean the raw material from debris and foreign material, that can optionally be fitted with and aspiration channel, to also remove light impurities.
After cleaning, the raw material is transported via auger to the oil presses, where the oilseeds are then pressed, using a mechanical screw type oil press. From the oil press, oil is collected in stainless steel oil bins, that are fitted with perforated plate baskets, where an initial sedimentation occurs, before the oil is pumped to a sedimentation tank, which allows the solids to drift to the bottom of the tank.
The oil then overflows from the top of the sedimentation tank into a centrifugal filter, where the bulk of the solids in the oil is then separated (down to particle sizes of approximately 10micron).
After the centrifugal filter, the oil is then processed through a filter press, which is fitted with 3micron filtration paper, which then filters the oil to a clear oil – which is ready for bottling and packaging.

The solids from the oil expellers (oil cake) are discharged from the oil expellers, in large leaf shaped sheathes, and are collected by a cake breaker, which breaks the leaves into smaller pieces, that are transportable using screw conveyors. The cake breaker then discharges the broken oil cake leaves into an auger which feeds a Hippo Hammermill, where the oil cake is then milled down to a packageable fineness – usually through a 4mm screen – ready to be sold as animal feed, or food additives (depending on the type of oilseed used). The oil cake produced by this system is also preferable to chemically extracted oil cake, as it is chemical free, and always safe – without additional processing required to make it suitable for consumption.

The resulting oil is what is known in the industry as cold pressed crude or virgin oil – once again this is healthier than other oils, that have been through the refining process, which involves heating, cooling, bleaching, gum and wax removals – processes usually reserved for cheaper and less palatable oils.


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Oil Expelling Plant Capacities

120kg/hr, 300kg/hr, 600kg/hr, 900kg/hr

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