Turbosifter/Peanut Deskinner Capacity 350kg/hr. 3KW

R71,523.00 Incl. Vat

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The turbo sifter, also sometimes referred to as a Le Coq sifter, or as a deskinner when used with peanuts, is a versatile sifter that uses the principle of three brushes fixed to a shaft by that rub the product against a steel screen. This action sifts milled type products through a screen, and the overs run over the screen and discharge from the front outlet. The same action is also used on samp after degermination, to brush germ meal and bran loose from the samp. The germ meal is then screened out from the samp through the screen, and the bran will usually discharge with the samp from the front discharge, where the bran will usually be aspirated off of the samp. This rubbing action is also used for removing the red skin from peanuts, after roasting. Because the red skin on the peanut becomes brittle after roasting, the rubbing action of the turbosifter breaks the skin when rubbing it against the coarse steel screen in the sifter. The skin then breaks up into small pieces, which are screened out, and is then discharged from the bottom outlet. The cleaned peanuts are then discharged from the front discharge. The turbosifter is a proven piece of equipment that has been utilized in various industries, and countless applications. The simple design and sturdy construction make the ABC Hansen Turbo sifter an essential piece of equipment.

For a technical datasheet please click here: SIT SID – Turbosifter Peanut Deskinner

Height (mm) 1570mm
Width (mm) 400 mm
Length (mm) 1350mm
Weight (kg) 95kg
Materials Painted mild steel
Consumables Brushes, screens, belts, bearings
Capacity: Maize meal 1500micron 1,250kg
Capacity: Samp 2,000kg/hr
Power consumption 3 KW
Rotor RPM 725 RPM

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 140 × 60 × 150 cm

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