Partridge Rotary seed cleaner

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The Partridge rotary cleaner was designed specifically for cleaning soybean seeds for re-planting.
This relatively simple and low priced cleaner removes foreign material gently and thoroughly from the seeds – with a wide variety of screens that can be fitted – for removing over sized, undersized and split material.

Vibration and eccentric cleaners simply do not test the product enough times over the screen area during a cleaning – and are not suited for removing split materials.

For a technical datasheet – click here: CLR – Cleaner Partridge

The screening may be preceded by an aspiration process whereby all light particles are removed through an air channel. The Partridge cleaner can also be preceded by a pre-cleaner – to remove most of the trash from the product, before being cleaned at high accuracy – this will also increase the capacity of the cleaner.

The cleaners angle of operation can be adjusted with its adjustable legs, to increase or decrease the speed of flow of the product over the screen, and the rotation speed of the screen can be adjusted via a Variable Frequency/Speed Drive.

The higher the rotation speed and the higher the operating angle, the higher the capacity of the cleaner will be, but at the cost of accuracy. The lower the rotation speed and the operating angle, the lower the capacity will be, but more unwanted material will be removed.

The Partridge rotary cleaner has a hard brush mounted on the side of the screen, which removes kernels that are stuck in the screen, preventing screen blockage.
The cleaner has a gear drive and is fitted standard with a VFD to control the speed of the drum. The screen can be changed without removing the drum but the drum can also be lifted out relatively easily for working outside the machine body.
Oversized product flows over the screen, undersized and split product passes through the first section of the screen, and correct sized product passes through the second section of the screen. Undersized/split product is discharged from outlet #1 at the bottom of the cleaner, correct sized product is discharged from outlet #2 at the bottom of the cleaner, and oversized product is discharged from outlet #3 – at the front of the cleaner.

A 2 way bag off is fitted at each discharge point, to easily change bags without spillage.

Capacities of equipment is based on product with a density of 721 kg/m³, maximum 14% moisture and maximum 4% impurities.
Capacities can vary depending on the size of the screens, impurity content and type and type of product.
All capacities on equipment is based on free flowing product with angles of repose not more than 30º.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 350 cm

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