Bale Breaker with 3m conveyor

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As part of our feed milling and recyclables milling systems – ABC Hansen Africa has developed and produces a bale breaker/bale shredder and bale feeder table combination.

The bale breaker is able to process small rectangular bales – stacked up to 4 units high and 3 units across, or maxi-bales up to 1.2m x 1.2m sized.

While the bale  breaker is able to also process round bales, but with some additional labour requirement, as the bale has to be unrolled onto the bale feeder table.

The bale breaker breaks down the bale into manageable pieces for further processing – when breaking wheat hay bales, the particles coming off of the bale breaker are approximately 50-100mm lengths, using a counter rotating cutting drum with 18 cutting spirals, fitted with 6 cutting blades each – for a total of 108 cutting blades.

The bale table feeds the bales into the bale breaker, using the chain driven feeding table, at an adjustable rate of between 75mm per minute and 250mm per minute travel speed. As the bale enters the bale breaking chamber, a rotating shaft with hook arms at the top of the breakers inlet, breaks off the top sheaves from the bale, ensuring that the top of the bale is broken, to prevent the top of the bale arching over the counter rotating cutting spiral, and falling over, over feeding the breaker.

The material is then pushed onto the counter rotating spiral with the cutting blades, where they are cut to suitably sized particles. The retention time in the cutting spiral can be set with an adjustable outlet plate, which can be set to either keep product in the cutting spiral longer, cutting them shorter, or discharging them quicker – cutting the product longer.

The cutting spiral then discharges the cut material to a collecting screw conveyor, which then discharges the cut material at the outlet at the centre of the machine – to be further processed and collected by belt conveyors or augers, or discharged directly to mixers or mills.

The bale breaker is powered by  the following motors:
1) Bale conveyor table with double reducer – 0.37KW
2) Cutting blade and top shaft common drive single reducer – chain drive – 7.5KW
3) Collecting and discharge auger single reducer – flangemount – 3KW

*Capacities are dependent on a variety of factors, that include bale density, type of baled material, bale size, moisture content, purity of bale content, and grade of baled material.

**Subject to the above restrictions, the ABC Hansen bale breaker will be able to break down and cut approximately 2 ton of grade 1 dry lucerne/alfalfa (below 12%) per hour – based on maxi-pack bales with an average bale weight of 650kg




Additional information

Weight 495 kg
Dimensions 520 × 240 × 260 cm

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