Pin mill attachment for Universal mill

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The pin mill attachments for the Universal Mill is mainly used for milling crystalline and brittle products, into fine powders, and is also suitable for milling of products that are heat sensitive, as the milling action is cooler than stone, hammer or plate milling. Pin Mills are also sometime referred to as Centrifugal Impact Mills (CIM)

Typical applications that the Pin Mill attachment is used for – include milling sugar down to castor and icing sugar, milling ascorbic acid into fine powders – for additives in baking and health products.

The principle of the milling action – is that there is two plates, fitted with pins – as per the picture. One plate is stationary, whilst the other plate rotates at approximately 4,400RPM – with the pins intermeshing with each other. Pins are concentric circles in opposing faces.

All pins are manufactured of precision finished 316 stainless steel, and pins are individually replaceable as they get worn.

This causes a high speed pulverizing action on the product flowing between the pins, which in turn, pulverizes the product into a fine end product. the milling results is achieved by impact and shearing.

The product exits the milling attachment by centrifugal force, and is discharged from the bottom outlet of the Universal Mill cover for collection and further processing/sifting if required

This method is most likely to produce an end result in the micronized range – and typical results that have been obtained with the pin mill on sugar have been
19% larger than 212micron but below 300micron
29% smaller than 212micron but above 150micron
52% smaller than 150 micron
These results were achieved at a capacity of 500kg/hr using a Universal Mill with an 11KW 380V motor – running at 4000RPM.


Typical applications for using a pin mill are:
Spices – Curry, Cloves, Dried Garlic, Dried Mustard
Food stuff – Salt, Rice, Pats, MSG, Sugar, Xylitol, Starch, Beans, Banana Chips, Dried vegetables
Biotech and Pharmaceuticals – Collagen, Chitosan, Agar, Moascus, Yeast Powders, Polysaccharides

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 10 cm

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