Tempest Grain Polisher – including aspiration.

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The ABC Hansen Tempest Grain Polisher is probably the most versatile machine the we produce. It can be used to dehull nearly all grains – with a gentle action, and high efficiency.

Some uses of the polisher include:
– Polishing of brown rice to white rice
– Producing very nice, round edged maize samp
– Pearling of sorghum and millet
– Dehulling of wheat for pearled wheat
– Dehulling of barley for pearled barley also known as gort
– Dehulling of chickpeas
– Soybean dehuller

Due to the working principle of five  vertically placed abrasion wheels that rub (polishes) the hulls off of the grain kernels, the polisher has a very gently effect on the grain being processed, and causes minimal split and kernel damage on the grain, resulting in higher yields, less waste and a higher quality end product.

The polisher has a double aspiration action – where the fine bran is suck out of the polishing chamber, through a perforated screen as it is being polished, while the second aspiration happens after the outlet of the grain from the polisher, through an aspiration channel – to suck off any remaining fine bran, as well as large bran pieces.

Because the polisher works on an abrasion principle, rather than a tearing principle (like a degerminator) there is usually no need to condition the grain or to add water before processing – and the dry, clean grain can be polished as is.

The Tempest is the latest iteration of the Grain Polisher, that has been manufactured by ABC Hansen for the past 25 years. Changes to the previous design include:
a) Infeed auger – that can be coupled to a VFD for precise infeed speed control – that replaced the manual slide in the previous model
b) Discharge auger – the can be coupled to a VFD for precise discharge speed control – that replaced the manual slide in the previous model
c) Unibody construction – the entire polisher, aspirator, discharge auger, fan and cyclone are all mounted on a common, compact frame – for space saving and shorter airflow distances
d) Improved discharge outlet to prevent blockages
e) Auger sealed cyclone outlet

Capacities range between 400kg/hr and 1TPH depending on the type of product polished, and the required bran removal percentage.

For a technical datasheet – click here: DG500 – Polisher


Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 180 × 100 × 250 cm

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