Maize Mill System – Hippo – 1.5TPH

R1,442,595.00 Incl. Vat



ABC Hansen Africa has developed over the past 20 years, a compact, single level Maize Milling Plant – to produce high quality, degerminated, super and special maize meal.

For a technical datasheet on the plant – please click here: Maize Hippo Super 1.5TPH for yields and space requirements etc

For information on the specifications of maize meal, and the options for milling it – see here: Milling Maize Options

The plant designed to be able to be installed in most warehouse and factory buildings, without special adjustments necessary to the floors or roof structures – to reduce the entry cost of owning a highly efficient maize milling plant.

The advantage of using a hammer mill system, instead of a traditional roller mill system for producing super maize meal, is that the enry level pricing for the 1.5TPH maize mill is significantly lower, without significant difference in the end product and yields. Hammer mill create a bit more fine product than roller mills, which will increase the yield of super maize meal a bit higher than on a roller mill system, but the yield difference is less than 5% usually.

A process flow is as follows:
The grain is received from silos or from bags via an auger (Augers 165mm | ABC Hansen Africa) that is speed controlled via a Variable Frequency drive (Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 2.2-30KW | ABC Hansen Africa) – and fed into the Quaill I eccentric cleaner (Cleaner eccentric – Quaill I. 500kg – 1,500kg/hour capacity | ABC Hansen Africa) where the maize is cleaned of over and under sized particles. Optionally an aspiration unit (Aspiration Channels | ABC Hansen Africa) can also be fitted to the cleaner – for an even better cleaning.
After cleaning, the maize is discharged into a dampener (Dampener | ABC Hansen Africa) with a dampener control unit, which adds water to the maize.
After dampening, the grain is conveyed to a conditioning bin (Hopper bins – steel – 0.5m³-26m³ | ABC Hansen Africa), where the maize is allowed to condition for 1 hour, giving time for the water to penetrate the outer skin of the maize, making it more elastic, allowing the degerminator peel the bran off the endosperm in large pieces, increasing the yield and the efficiency of the degerminator.

After conditioning, the maize is conveyed from the conditioning bin to the Degerminator ( Degerminator | ABC Hansen Africa) which removes the bran and the germ meal from the maize kernel (hominy chop), discharging the hominy chop from the degerminator, and collected by an air transport system – at a single discharge point for all the chop, while the samp and chips (degerminated maize) are discharge through two aspiration channels (Aspiration Channels | ABC Hansen Africa) to remove the remaining bran and germ meal by air, and are then collected and conveyed to the hammer mill.

The hammer mill (Hippo Hammer Mill Size 47 | ABC Hansen Africa) then mills down the samp and chips through usually a 1.2-1.6mm hole size screen to a maize meal, and the meal is then discharged via the hammer mill’s integrated fan into a rotary sifter (Rotary sifter | ABC Hansen Africa) where the meal is graded into special and super quality meal.

The meal is then bagged off from the bagging outlets on the rotary sifter (outlet 1 and 3 are mixed for special, and outlet 2 is for super) and are then weighed on a platform scale (Scale Platform | ABC Hansen Africa) and the bags are then stitched closed with a hand held bag stitcher (Collins Bag stitcher – handheld | ABC Hansen Africa).

Optionally for bagging – a semi-automatic tipscale bag scale (Bagging System | ABC Hansen Africa) can be used in conjunction with a auger, and a fixed head stitcher with belt conveyor can be used for stitching (Fixed Head Pedestal Bag Stitcher | ABC Hansen Africa).

The entire plant is controlled from a motor control centre(Motor control centre – in IP55 enclosure – per control unit` | ABC Hansen Africa), which is included in the price – as well as a cabling set

Optionally a dosing unit can be added as well – to fortify the maize meal with vitamins and minerals before the packing line (Dosing unit | ABC Hansen Africa)

The video below is a description of the same system – but using a roller mill as the milling system instead of a hammer mill system. For the option of a roller mill system – click here: Maize Mill System – Hurricane- 1.5TPH | ABC Hansen Africa

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